“Perfect communication demands from the actor a balanced quartet of emotion, intellect, body, and voice conducted by the imagination.” - Kristin Linklater

For Actors: Deepen your work by finding your authentic connection to yourself, your voice, and your characters. Through releasing tensions that inhibit your mind, body, and breath, and returning the function of the voice to the involuntary nervous system, your voice will develop strength, flexibility and the ability to directly and spontaneously reveal your inner life, free of strain.

For Speakers: Your voice is essential for clear, persuasive, and passionate communication. Whether for presentations, negotiations, or everyday speaking, voice coaching can help take you to the next level as you you develop confidence, ease, and a voice that is empowered, impactful, and inspiring.

Private & Group Classes in the Linklater Voice Technique. Email voice@laurenmaykut.com for information on classes and rates.