For Speakers

You are creative. You are passionate. You have inspired ideas. Does your voice reflect those ideas or is it disconnected from your message keeping you and your ideas held back? Learn to release tension for an authentic connection to yourself and to your message. So that your audience hears YOU on your vibrations of sound. For presentations, negotiations, and interactions that are powerful, impactful and will inspire those around you into action.

Private and Group Classes in the Linklater Technique. For information and current rates call 437-981-3678 or email

For Actors

Deepen your work by finding your authentic connection to yourself, your voice, and your characters. Through releasing tensions that inhibit your mind, body, and breath, and returning the function of the voice to the involuntary nervous system, your voice will develop strength, flexibility and the ability to directly and spontaneously reveal your inner life on your vibrations of sound, free of strain.

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About Lauren

MFA, Columbia University

I have been fascinated by the voice since the beginning of my acting training in 2003, but it wasn’t until I started studying with Kristin Linklater during my MFA training at Columbia University that I finally understood it. I found a freedom and a richness in my voice and was liberated from frequent vocal strain. I learned through releasing tension how to use my voice to reveal my inner life, rather than muscling to describe it. My voice and my imagination opened up and with them so did the the characters I worked on; they became more detailed, alive, and human.

In addition to working extensively with Kristin Linklater, I have worked with many leading teachers including Anne Bogart, Gregory Mosher, and James Calleri. I have acted on stages in Canada and in the USA including Classic Stage Company and Gorilla Rep in New York City, Solar Stage, and The Guild Festival Theatre; I am also a proud member of CAEA.

I now teach the Linklater Progression to actors, speakers, and anyone interested in learning to communicate with clarity, authenticity, and ease.

About Linklater Voice

Kristin Linklater’s famous Progression, which is laid out in her book Freeing The Natural Voice, is a series of practical, organic exercises designed to liberate the voice from habitual tensions that inhibit expression, and develop new connections that open and strengthen the mind/body/voice connection. Moving through the exercises, beginning with specific relaxation and moving step by step to breathing awareness, experiencing the feeling of sound vibrations in the body, opening the throat, the development of resonance and range, and economic articulation, you can discover the power of the human voice and its ability to express the gamut of human emotion and thought.